Kate Cirillo, Ph.D.

At our core, we live and work to increase capability and achievability.

Career Skills Network is a non-profit organization created out of a passion for young people who have a dream of success and the dedicated teachers who assist in leading the way for making those dreams become a reality. For the past 25 years, the founder of Career Skills Network, Kate Cirillo, Ph.D., has been working in schools around the nation, inspiring teachers and students to reach their highest potential. Growing up in a “factory town” in upstate New York, she saw first-hand the benefits of career-based, skills education programs in schools as a means of offering licenses and certifications that helped many become thriving productive citizens.

It is her belief that by providing ground-breaking tools and creating clear paths for success, great outcomes will result; world-class workers, leaders, and responsible citizens.

Our Greatest Hope for all Students is that
They Become Who They are Destined to Be.


“Vision for the Future Gives Hope.”

-Kate Cirillo, Ph.D.


We are dedicated to the support and advancement of education that prepares next-generation workforce leaders.


We are the world’s leading catalyst for preparing life leadership and employability skills for tomorrow’s workforce.